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Anew V. Rain's Healthy Hair Growth Guide
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This book holds life and hair restoration tools!

  1. 9 Proven Steps to Long Healthy Hair.
  2. Bonus tips to grow fuller and longer hair.
  3. Natural tools to help with depression.

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Are you wanting more self-motivation and self-empowerment tools? 21 Hair and Life Affirmations will help you in your self-love journey. The best part is, that it's completely free!

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21 Hair and Life Affirmations
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Positive affirmations can help change your belief about yourself and combat anxiety. Please say them out loud if possible, to speak life into yourself and your glorious crown.

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About Me

My name is Anew Rain. I've helped countless people over the years grow their hair using my tips and secrets. I grew my crown for donation, from a sexy boy-cut to waist length. After climbing out of the quicksand of severe depression, I was inspired to help others do the same. This book is not only for people wanting to grow their glorious mane, but for those who struggle with depression. My desire is to give you natural tools that will help strengthen your life and hair.

What people are saying

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The natural ingredients and steps helped me grow me and my daughter's hair longer.

— Stephani M.

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My bald spots started to grow new hair in a week and my beard grew thicker.

— Derrick S.

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The bonus tips are great! I love her testimony and transparency.

— Tiffany P.

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